Methods of teaching

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Language Teaching Methodology I
April 8th, 2010

Methods of Teaching

There exist different methods that can be very helpful at the time of developing the role of a teacher and that cangive us information about the way in which a class should be taught. Many of them are part of the structured theory period and consequently that belong to the behaviorism or cognitivism. That is thecase of the Audiolingual Method and the Cognitive method. Although both methods are structured, each one differs specially at the moment of teaching.

The Audiolingual Method and the CognitiveMethod have more differences than similarities. In the ALM the students are demanded to imitate and to repeat because the teacher can use language communicatively in order to teach them the importantof learning an appropriate pronunciation. On the other hand, in the Cognitive Method students are demanded to produce language more intellectually, for that reason, it is necessary they understand thelanguage to some extent because when students understand the language they learn how to communicate and so they are not demanded to repeat. Although sometimes the teacher speaks in the mother tonguein order to make students understand easier and to save time.

The ALM and the Cognitive method although they differ, they mixed could help to create a new method in which beginners and studentswho have a basic level of English can produce in the target language. The ALM is adequate for those students who are going to start learning English due to they can learn the basic structures of thetarget language in a cultural setting, where the students learn with cultural information, so that he/she gets interested in the matter and learn easily thanks to that media and the material thatrepresent the real world in the sense that it creates the necessity to communicate.

The Cognitive Method as I mentioned before, has also the characteristics to form part of the significant...
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