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Let’s Exercise

1. The following paragraph is written in Simple Present. Correct the sentences in order to be in PAST SIMPLE

Today, I go to the restaurant with a client. We drive around the parking lot for 20 minutes in order to find a parking space. When we arrive at the restaurant, the place is full. The waitress asks us if we have reservations. I say, "No, my secretary forgets to makethem." The waitress tells us to come back in two hours. My client and I slowly walk back to the car. Then we see a small grocery store. We stop in the grocery store and buy some sandwiches. That is better than waiting for two hours.

2. Choose the right Word to complete the sentences

1. Frankenstein ______ a horrible science fiction story that happened years ago
a. was b. does c. is2. The Colombian ______ are very traditional
a. family’s b. familys c. families

3______ Fabio and Claudia travel to Pereira last week?
a. do b. is c. did

4. ______your English final grades good?
A. are b. is c. did

5. He has one daughter, she ______ married to a lawyer
a. has b. is c. did

6. I study in this university because it is __ interestingeducation center
a. an b. a c. x

7. Mr. and Mrs. Garcia always ____ a glass of orange juice before dinner last month
a. read b. drink c. drank

8. She had the books in the ______
a. box’s b. boxes c. boxies

9. How many languages ______ the children speak?
a. do b. does c. Are

10. What time ______ you go to your last French class?
a. doesb. do c. did

11. My friend Catalina ______ in a modern apartment in the north of the city for 20 years
a. lives b. live c. lived

12. Fish ______ very beautiful animals
a. are b. is c. did

13. What ______ your favorite color?
A, are b. does c. is

14. Today, ______ 28 students in the course
a. there are b. there is c. therewere

15. She ______ exercising on weekends.
a. like b. like’s c likes

3. Put the sentences into negation. THEY ARE IN PRESENT OR PAST. Use short forms (doesn't,don't, isn't, aren’t/ didn’t

Example: I am hungry. - I am not hungry.
1. Peter goes to the party. Peter [pic]to the party.

2. His schoolbag was brown. His schoolbag [pic]red.

3. Mary lovesski. Mary [pic].

4. We meet our friends. We [pic]our friends.
5. The teacher hands out the books. The teacher [pic]the books.

6. Pat is a clever boy. Pat [pic]a clever boy.

7. The monkey took the banana. The monkey [pic]the banana.

8. Tony is hungry. Tony [pic]hungry.

9. Tim had a brother. Tim [pic]a sister.

10. They are at Sarah's party. They [pic]at home.11. I liked apples. I [pic]oranges.

12. Winter begins in December. Winter [pic]in October.

13. They were g at home. They [pic]at home.

14. Tom plays football. Tom [pic]football.

15. My mother spoke Spanish. My mother [pic]Spanish

4. Complete the sentences with the right form of the verbs in parenthesis in Simple Present o Simple Past

5. Principio del formulario
1.Everyday I (go) [pic]to school.[pic]
2. Last year we (visit) [pic]our grandchildren.[pic]
3. Jane often (cook) [pic]a meal for her husband.[pic]
4. Yesterday, she (have) [pic]lunch with her sister.[pic]
5. Last week, Rob (buy) [pic]a new car.[pic]
6. I (send) [pic]three letters yesterday.[pic]
7. We (invite) [pic]our family for dinner last night.[pic]
8. Wealways (invite) [pic]our family for dinner on Sundays.[pic]
9. Jane usually (take) [pic]the bus.[pic]
10. Yesterday, Jane (take) [pic]the train.[pic]


5.Complete the reading with the words in the box

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