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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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In today’s competitive business environment, launching new products to the global market, ahead of competition and examining optimized procurement of products from the global point of view, areessential. Successful businesses develop and strengthen their market position by manufacturing the highest-quality goods most efficiently, at the lowest cost, and bringing them to market quickly. Toproduce high quality product in a high productivity plant and by a properly controlled process will lead increased net profits. In order to realize these, review the development stage of a new product andproduction preparation activities from the basic level, and the need to start production preparation process (3P) based on Just-in-Time (JIT) within a short period and in a timely fashion. In thisseminar you will learn the implementation of production preparation process (3P).

Production Preparation Process
Overview of 3P Seminar
1. Concept of Production Preparation
Production Preparation isused to “build” a production system, within a targeted time period, which can manufacture products: A) The design quality established during the planning, developing and design stages, B) Thenecessary quantity, and C) The targeted cost. Upon implementing Kaizen activity over the existing factory, equipment, and/or product design, there may be limitations. However, when developing a new product,building a new factory, changing product design or equipment, or when accommodating load fluctuations, the introduction of the “3P” concept will support and enhance further kaizen activities.(SGC-PS) ② Remedial measures for existing defects ①SGC Production System ③ Implemented Kaizen activities
 Standardized work Takt time production U-shaped cell Poka-yoke Chaku-chaku line Hanedashi (Autoeject) Heijunka Production  One-piece flow  Autonomation  Kanban


Process Product

④ New production technology
know-how of production and product Deliverables through 3P methodology...
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