Metodologia de la enseñanza del ingles

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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2011
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The problem is simple: Methodology Failure. It’s just written repetition without assimilation on the children side,Neglecting listening, pronunciation and verbal fluidity.
Therefore, the project is focused towards a progressive assimilation and internalization of vocabulary by means of stimulating games inEnglish class as a way to merge Learning-fun and also supported by an audio, video and images proper methodology.

The importance of the development of this project is to give the students an Englishvocabulary teaching methodology in a pleasant way, like for example, games that demand high concentration and the students have to make an effort to solve them because they are motivated. Games also helpthe teacher to be closer to the student in a nice way and this contributes to facilitate the learning process.

The Strategy of the didactic game is important in all of the pedagogical activitiesand because of its benefit, it should be contemplated when designing the curriculum, having in mind that the students’ participation makes a more pleasant, didactic and active class; Team work promotescollaboration and desire to participate, it elevates the students’ self-esteem: Showing them that they’re capable to learn more and to show their knowledge, in this case, their command of thevocabulary given in class, which helps the development of their skills as well as oral expression.

How the games help students to remember English vocabulary?

CONTEXTThe project will be executed at Centro Educative Alejandro Obregon, located in 18th zone, 30 Street south N. 15-15, Gustavo Restrepo Neighborhood in Rafael Uribe Uribe locality, located at south-eastside of Bogota DC.

The School is at the students and community disposal for integral formation, focusing in the community as human development factor; cognitive, biophysical, axiologist, social,...