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ELT Methodolgy
Task/HW 1

1. Examine the twelve principles proposed by brown. Do some of them seem more important than others? Are there any you would wish to add or delete?

“Automaticity”, as the word implies, refers to doing something by habit, or without thinking about it. Language is not like this, as it is an expression of our thoughts, which often are not automatic. We also mustnot account for the language, itself and the different ways of expressing ideas – not a mechanical activity – but the various cultures of people, each being different. In Spanish, there are “modismos”, or special expressions, most

2. How can teacher gather and make use of the kind of information Brown discusses under ¨diagnosis¨.

If you don't have a plan, you may wander all over the mapwithout any direction. But, first, you need to know not only the materials you are going to use but the nature of the class- size, type of students, age, etc. You must have an idea of what their abilities are. This is diagnosis – finding out what is there. Then, you can figure out what you are going to do and put it into a plan.

3. Examine the suggestions Brown gives for developing ¨StrategicInvestment”…..

The strategy means an overall plan, and the investment is what is dedicated to make it happen. A student must be prepared to dedicate her/himself, as well as resources to learn a language, or to get an education, in general. To

4. Select a group of learners………..

For my students being able to participate in conversations with persons their parents meet, including otherchildren is important. Most of my grammar school students have relatives in the U.S. or come into frequent contact with English-speaking people in San Felipe.  They often feel left out in not being able to understand the language; thus they have a motivation to learn.  By having class discussions, surveys, or individual interviews I can get a more accurate picture of particular motivations andneeds.  Also, by observing the way they do class work I can see how motivated they are.

5. Reflect on your own experience as a language learner. To what extent were you thought strategies for language learning? Did you develop….

Some of my family frequently goes to the U.S. or actually live there.  When I was with them and they were speaking English, I felt left out and wanted to participate.  Iknew the only way I could do that was by learning English.  At first, I tried remembering the vocabulary and phrases. Often I looked words up in the dictionary and repeated basic sentence structures, such as subject-verb-object, substituting various words in this format.   However, I knew I needed something more in depth.  I started taking courses and realized that the systematic approaches, suchas sentence structure and phonics assisted a great deal. 

6. How do you think teachers develop their ideas about teaching? What sources do you………

I think the main strategy is learned by how teachers instruct their children.  Often, this is obtained by how the teachers learn from their parents.  Much of this learning, it seems, is by copying, as in “do as I do”.  In turn, they learn fromtheir parents, and so forth.  Content will change, but the basic method doesn't seem to very much.  Of course, their are other elements in more sophisticated learning such as using literature (guides, dictionary, journals, etc.), and when they enter school, they acquire methods used there, as well.  As time goes on, a person will develop respect for others (educators, prominent figures in public,etc.) and learn how they learn.

7. What do you think are the most essential skills of a good language teacher? What is the source of your ideas….

The first skill is learning how to learn and learn well.  They also must know how to communicate effectively. Of course this is all dependent upon motivation and intelligence.  My major sources for assessing whether a teaching skill is essential is...
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