Mexican costumes

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In “Fashion” Mexico is represented by its own traditional Mexican clothes and each state in mexico has its own representative costume.
traditional Mexican clothes and costumes are distinct andattractive. There is also evidence of a strong influence of Mayan culture and the Spanish colonizers. Traditional Mexican clothing are available in many attractive varieties. Major types of traditionalMexican clothes and costumes are quechquémitl, huipiles, puebla dress, rebozo, sombrero and folklore dress.
Traditional Mexican Clothes for Women

Mexcian clothes are known for their use of brightcolors and intricate craftsmanship. Traditional women's clothing include huipile, rebozo, skirt and quechquémitl. Let's take a look at the clothes and costumes of Mexican women.

Huipile is the mostcommon form of women's traditional attire. It can be described as a sleeveless tunic. It is made from cotton or wool. Huipile is made in distinctive designs, which convey the wearer's marital status,the personal beliefs or the community she belongs to. This garment has a religious significance.

Quechquémitl is a traditional clothing gear in Mexico. It looks like a stylish poncho and is usedfor decorative purpose at parties or special occasions. It is made from a hand-woven cloth and beautifully embroidered with graphic designs and floral prints.

Rebozo is a type of shawl or scarf,typically made from wool, cotton or silk. It is a popular women's attire used in indigenous and non-indigenous communities. It is a multifunctional garment, also used to carry market goods, fruits andeven babies. Certain colors of stripes and wool shades are woven into the Robozo to represent the different communities in Mexico.

Skirts in Mexico are identified by different names like chincuete,enredo, posahuanco, enagua and refajo, depending on the area of origin. Some women prefer to wear skirts to ankle length, while others favor a knee length. The skirts are made from wool and cotton....
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