Mexican flag

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The Mexican Flag comprises three vertical stripes of Green, White and Red with the coat of arms of Mexico in the center. The coat of arms depicts an Eagle with a serpent clutched in its talons andbeak, perched on a cactus tree rising from the earth and overlooking a body of water.

The stripes of the Mexican flag have changed often and so has the meaning associated with them. The currentcolours represent hope, unity and blood of Mexico's national heroes in the stripes of Green, White and Red respectively. Earlier still they referred to Independence from Spain, the Roman Catholicfaith, and Union between Europe and America.

The symbol on the coat of arms is derived from an Aztec legend, where a heathen God directed a nomadic tribe to settle where they saw an Eagle devouringa snake.

The flag color is initiated from the poster of the Army of the Three Guarantees, which lasted from 1821 to 1823. At first the meaning of the colors was:

• Green: was a sign ofindependence from Spain.
• White: Religion, faith or belief, the Roman Catholic faith.
• Red: Union among Americans and Europeans.

However, the meaning of the colors altered because of the noreligious control of the country, which was leaded by President Benito Juarez. After that the flag colors were given new meanings which are as follows:

• Green: as symbol of Hope
• White: as symbolof Unity
• Red: as symbol of national heroes Blood

The World Encyclopedia of Flags gives the following meaning to the colors of the flag:

• Green: as symbol of Hope
• White: as symbol ofPurity
• Red: as symbol of Religion

Many political groups have made use of the national colors as part of political symbols or logos. For instance, the political party InstitutionalRevolutionary Party (PRI) has taken the flag colors as part of their symbol. Another political group the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) also used the flag colors as part of their logo, but in 1990's
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