Mexico es un pais socialmente bueno

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Rellena los espacios en blanco con el adjetivo posesivo que corresponda.
   (My - your - his - his - her - its - our - their)

 'You lookvery good, I like _____ shoes.' (your)

1. I live with boyfriend.
2. We have a very big balcony at the front of flat.
3. Thank you for the flowers. It was kind of you to rememberbirthday.
4. My dog is always licking balls.
5. Yesterday I saw Diana with husband. They were shopping with children.
6. When Craig gets home from work, he likes to wash face, take of workclothes and work on  computer.
7. I want to buy flat. How much do you want for it?
8. Put the book in place on the shelf.
9. Nicole and Tom have sold house.
10. Who is that girl you workwith? I can never remember nameEJERCICIO2 - Pon el adjetivo gentilicio o la nacionalidad en los espacios en blanco

Spaghetti is from Italy. It's an Italian dish.

1. Buenos Aires is inArgentina. It's an city.
2. Canadians are people who live in .
3. Marie Curie was from Poland. She was .
4. I love most things from Belgium, especially chocolate.
5. I hate Irish music.Actually, the only thing I like from is Guinness.
6. My good friend Erik is from Holland. He speaks .
7. Australia makes good wine and beer. I always buy wine.
8. Tequila comes fromMexico. It's a famous drink.
9. My father has never been to Germany. He hates everything , except Mercedes cars!
10. All my money is in Switzerland. Three years ago I opened a bankaccount.EJERCICIO 3 Escríbe las siguientes expresiones con palabras:

1. 16
2. 367
3. 1249
4. 275
5. 1,250
6. 2,457,983
7. 30th
8. 309. 5810. 30011. 10512. 6613. 41914. 1915. 378 |
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