Mexico potencia mundial

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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2012
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Berna Zermeño Valenzuela. 220002423
Global culture
If elections were held today and you could vote, who would you vote for and why?
If I could vote thisyear, I think I would vote for the PAN party because they are very interested to have new candidates and new ideas for the people based on the socialdevelopment. I like the idea of the streets to make them a better way to drive and have more security.
I will vote for the PAN party too, because of the proposes thatthey have about the social issues. I am very pro with the theme of the abortion because on Mexico City now is legalized for everybody but they are making lawsfor the control of it. Is a very good idea to make this for the health of the young ladies and for the life of some babies, for example if the girl was raped shecan practice an abortion but if she only has sexual relations and now she want to abort she may not because she won`t take out a life just because she want.Another thing that I like is that they are not in accordance foe the gay marriage and the gay adoption and is a theme that I love because I know that everybodyhave the right of get married and adopted but I think that children don’t have to live on this environment, for the children it would be normal but for theother children not and we don’t live on an open mind country to allowed all this gay stuff.
I am very proud for the candidate, Josefina Vazquez Mota, becauseshe is a woman and in this country the mind of men are very closed and they think that only a man can do this work.
So, I would vote for the PAN party.
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