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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2011
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Alma T. Álvarez Rubio 75290

In these times it is very interesting to explore and exploit new Technologies? As to create profitable enterprises, whether of information (newspapers and magazines online in any form, leisure and entertainment, services or any other issue. In these times it is very interesting to explore and exploit also the use of technology is present in our daily lives, fromentertainment to their more developed as it is the field of health. Every day we use this medium in various situations, which allow us to communicate all around us. The technology allows efficient virtual social development and all the people in a font that begins to embrace our future as a complete society. This Magazine is in pdf file but the url to see is: =ft29gYF8QEng This magazine is called wht? Because you can find topics about rare items as a medicine, or things you may not know and information that will get your attention.

Alma T. Álvarez Rubio 75290

A little bit about...... The original Apple logo was a picture of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. The bite that can be seen in the current logo Apple was placedwith the intention that when people see don’t confused with a cherry.

Think would be a big business? A device similar to a wristwatch is a new tool that the Japanese have invented to pay for virtual money. Product is called "e-Money Band" has a chip that is recognized by the circuit of the Japanese virtual money networks. Alma T. Álvarez Rubio 75290 Hopefully one day come to Latin America wouldyou like to use one of those?

Often happens that you have the "dry mouth” Well, did you know..... Such kinds of people are at increased risk of dental caries. Why? The saliva dilutes and removes sugars and keeps the PH of the mouth. In addition, saliva acts as a reservoir for fluoride.

You're a little distracted? Scribbling helps the mind to focus on a tedious task to memorize what youhear. Interesting, right? Will have to see if it works.

A person has not left you sleep for snoring? Studies have shown that people who snore burn more calories, really funny? But, why they lose calories? The researchers said the cause could be that the nervous system uses energy to respond to the poor quality of sleep patterns in a heavy snoring.
Alma T. Álvarez Rubio 75290


Eating parts of the human body is without doubt one of the most confronting taboos and beliefs rules. Cannibalism, it's about eating human flesh. Reassures us imagine a dark past practice, which can only survive on wild rituals. But what happens when the heart of modern society challenge the boundaries of the forbidden? Here I show three curious cases of cannibalism. In Argentina, ayoung couple decides to have her baby in childbirth carried out at the family home. And then go further: they eat the placenta, which kept him alive. For many, turning their backs to the twenty-first century medical technification may seem illogical and dangerous. But eating a human organ is to cross a line much more dangerous. Is to enter the realm of the taboo A woman from Argentina has more than adecade following a strange habit: every morning, drinks his first urine of the day. She sees it as a path of spiritual and physical evolution, but the environment, and even his own family, he responds with incomprehension and rejection. Is facing an entire society, which means that drinking fluids and body waste is a cannibalistic behavior unacceptable. In Mexico, in the urban context, a communitypreserves many of the customs of their ancestors, the ancient Nahua. But it is not only to perpetuate colorful traditional festivals and spiritual rituals, but also to continue with a bold practice, the transformation of umbilical cords in medicinal compounds

Alma T. Álvarez Rubio 75290

Remember a harlequin costume? Or perhaps you saw these babies by internet where said they were aliens?...