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Mexico or United Mexican states, it is bordered on the north by the United States, The difference between USA and Mexico it’s a lot:
In Mexico we speak Spanish but the Indians has alot of other languages we have 67 more languages.
In Mexico we love spice food and we use different things to cook, we use something that we call “molcajetes” to make our sauce.
In Mexico the housesare different we build our houses whit other materials like bricks, stucco and rods. Here you build our houses whit wood and other things that we use only for things inside the house.
In Mexico wedon’t use the same grades in the school we go 3 year to kinder garden when we have 3 or 4 years, then we go to a grade that we call “primaria” we go 6 years , later we go to “secundara” 3 years, thenwe co to “preparatory” or high school 2 years. Most of the kids in Mexico don’t go to high school because the parents don’t have money to send them or for the materials so they don’t have theopportunity that you have.
In México we hear different music we like “mariachi”,”rancheras” and “cumbias” we also use different instruments like “acordeon”.
In México we don’t have sports like wrestling.In México our toys are different we play whit something calls “balero” , “matatena” “trompo” , we have to plays that we call “rondas” they are plays that all the kids play together and also that ourgrandparents teach us like “ arroz con leche”, “doña Blanca”, ”el patio de mi casa” and “la vibora de la mar”.
In México some of the people use donkeys to tranportate things or other use the trains.In México the most common religion is catholic the people have a lot of saints, in Christmas they adore a little baby Jesus in all of the homes they have 7 or 8 baby Jesus and they have to go to allthe houses in the neighborhood to adore all the babies and they give food and candies to the kids for each baby that they adore, the 12 of December they adore the virgin Mary but in México they...
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