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Equipos #3


Mariana Landero Guzmán


In chemistry, a mixture is a substance formed by combining two or moresubstances without a chemical reaction happens. Although there are chemical changes in a mixture. some properties such as melting point, may be different from those of its components

Mixtures can beseparated into its original components by physical means.

The mixtures are classified into homogeneous and heterogeneous

Homogeneous mixture

A homogeneous mixture is one in which any substanceloses its original properties and can be separated by physical means. At first glance, you can not see its components. They are known as solutions and are comprised of a solute and solvent, the firstbeing found in lesser amounts. For example, water mixed with mineral salts or sugar.

Heterogeneous mixture

A heterogeneous mixture is one that has a nonuniform composition and consists of two ormore substances physically distinct, unevenly distributed. The parts of a heterogeneous mixture can be separated mechanically. For example, salads, or salt mixed with sand.


Is asubstance formed by combining two or more substances without a chemical reaction happen?

a) Mixture B) compound c) element

Mixtures are classified as:

a)Homogeneous and heterogeneous b) autotrophic and heterotrophic

C) Compounds and elements

Example of homogeneous mixture

a) Water andsugar b) pozol C) Fruit Cocktail

Example of a heterogeneous mixture

a) Paint b) Water and sugarC) Fruit Cocktail

You can separate mixtures

A) physical methods b) by chemical c) can not be separated


En química, una mezcla es una...
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