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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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Esc. sec. tec. #1 profesor: Carlos Espinoza muños
Profesora: Paulina Lizárraga

Nombre: Judith Nayeli Acosta I.

Grado y Grupo: 3B

Materia: Ingles

Nombre del proyecto: Mi autobiografía ymi futuro

My name is Judith Nayeli, and the meaning of my name is a divine Praise. They put this name because they like me his meaning and because this one very nice, My parents have influenced myeducation, to give me a good family, they give me advices, chatting with me to have a good future, my friends Me rest on the difficult things, help me have demonstrated the meaning of the friendshipand thanks to them and my parents I am very happy.
My familiar environment is happy, with my brothers I fight small but it is happy I want them very much, and it is our customs to be assembled by thefamily in the holy week and Christmas go with my grandmothers to etchojoa and huatabampo, in the new year we are going to feast there expires years of my grandmother mom of my dad. The moments ofhappiness are when I am with my family for which I love them and with my friends because I want them very much, the moments of sadness are when I am alone without company of someone and when I do not seeto my friends and family. My recollections of when newly between to the secondary one it went that it was very shy and was antisocial but already later I was adapting with my companions and speakingto them already in the second year already more or less he was speaking to him to about the half of the lounge and since already in third party already I speak to all but remind myself of the sweetlittle face of all in first this way small well all and nice well but now already they grew and already us the beauty went away, And since now in third party I like to be mas because now if I speak toall those of the lounge and I spend it to myself very well with my best friends and friends, and since I want to finish the preparatory one with a good average to have a super career father I want...
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