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  • Publicado : 19 de septiembre de 2010
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As you go through these pages you will be able to have an overview about my life style. Many aspects of my life will be shared with the reader. Those who I most cherish, my family, are remembered on these pages. You as a reader can feel free to learn about the special things being described here. A blend of feelings came to me as I wrote this autobiography, remembering,bringing back to my memory many pieces of the past. Enjoy yourself reading as I enjoyed this journey to my own past.

On July 15th, 1982, a baby girl was born in the National Hospital “San Juan de Dios”, at 7:00 p.m.; weighing eight pounds. Very healthy girl, weren’t I? My mom decided to name me Dorcas, which comes from the Hebrew, meaning “gazelle”, and my middle name is Betzabé, chosen by mygrandparents. The reason they chose these names, is because both belonged to very important women in the Bible. Unfortunately I never met my father, that’s why I only have one last name. The only thing I know about him is that he is, or was Jesus Salame (that´s in Spanish) and that he came from Saudi Arabia. Despite of that I am proud of carrying my grandfather’s last name, since he was a greatgentleman.

How did we end up in Guatemala City? Well, my grandpa was from Antigua, that explains why Orenos is not very common here in the city. As for my grandma she came from Cobán. They met and got married here at the city, and that’s how my family has lived here since then.
Due to the economical issues my mother decided to leave the country when I was 18 months old, in order to pursuethe American dream, which for her was to support the family. Of course I don’t remember how any of this happen, buy since I grew up with my grandparents, they used to tell all about my mom, until I was able to meet her at the age of seven. I took her a long time to come back, obviously because she traveled illegally. She tried to take me along, but my grandparents refused to let me go with her,especially without legal documents. They thought it would be too dangerous. So my mom returned by herself.

My grandparents gave me everything they could; a good education, dress, food and most important love. My mom’s financial aid was always there. She worked very hard, and my grandparents were even able to build a house bigger.

I really enjoyed my childhood living with my grandparents,but I never realized how hard it was going to be, to meet my mom again, especially when she had raised a new family. The second time we met again she introduced me to my new brother Roger Daniel, and my new “dad” César. Of course my grandparents still didn´t allow her to make me part of her new family, neither to take me away from them. They had their own reasons.

When I was nine I was ableto live with my mom in the U.S.A. because she became a legal resident. All I could live with her was one year, and then I came back to my grandparents. By this time my grandpa got very sick and eventually died from diabetes. That same year my mom came to Guatemala, now with a new baby brother and she asked my grandma to take care of them for some time, because she needed to work.
My grandmatook care of my brothers and me. I had become a teenager, so it was really hard for me to get along with my two brothers, especially because I was the one who had to help with the chores, as they played all day (teenage thoughts).
When I was in the eighth grade my mom took my brothers with her again, this time it was me who refused to leave. It was a really happy year, just think about it, theninth grade, all these friends, tons of fun. I really had a great time, I’ll never forget. Sadly at the beginning of the year that followed my grandmother died, also from diabetes. This time I had no choice, I had to forget about my life in Guatemala, and learn to live a whole new different lifestyle in the U.S.A.

Back there my mom had many disagreements with me. We were never able to...
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