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Do you know anything about Paraguay?
Paraguay is located in the South American regionits bordered by Bolivia to the North and Northeast; by Brazil to the East, and by Argentina to the South andWest.
Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as the Heart of America


Name: Republic of Paraguay

Capital City: Asuncion
Population: 6,150,099Languages: Spanish, Guarani

Religions: Catholic 90% , other protestant 10%

Ethnic groups: Most of the population, around 95%, is a mix of Spanish and Amerindian, which is commonly called MestizoParaguayan culture is a fusion of two things cultures and traditions: one European, the other Guaraní.
A characteristic of this cultural fusion is the extensive bilingualism present to thisday: more than 90% of Paraguayans speak both Spanish and the indigenous language, Guaraní. Jopara, the mixture of Guaraní and Spanish, is also widely spoken.
Some basic greetings in Guarani include:Mba'eichapa? = How are you?
Iporã = Good
ha nde? = and you?
iporã avei = good as well

Some traditional foods
The highly popular are:
* Empanadas: (made out of meat,egg stuffed in apastry and baked)
* Milanesa: (breaded and fried chicken/beef/fish)
* Chipa: a bread baked in an outdoor oven or "tatacua", usually made out of manioc.(it is eaten almost everyday byParaguayans,
* Sopa Paraguaya: is a form of corn bread.
Paraguayan food isn't particularly spicy, so those who can't tolerate spices won't have problems !! … =)

Terere / Mate
Terere is thenational drink in Paraguay .it is made from the yerba mate plant.and is served in a cup (guampa), which can be made out of wood, and is drunk through a metal straw called a bombilla, which is sharedamong the group of people.
The tea is prepared by putting herb into the cup, then adding water: hot water version is known as mate while the cold water version is known as tereré. Mate is usually...
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