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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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My country Colombia, “my favorite place”

Colombia, a country in northern South American continent, bordered by 5 countries: Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru, and two great oceans: thePacific and Atlantic. My country is an unusual and remarkable place because of the following reasons. One is that it offers all possible climates, due to this diversity it has the largest number ofspecies per unit area on the planet. Another reason is that offers different cultures depending on the region where you are, thanks to the diversify climate phenomenon, and the last reason is theeducation in Colombia, though uneven, is based on the same values. With is multiple climates, different cultures and education base the country of Colombia in South America provides a good environmentfor living a good life.
Colombia does not have 4 seasons then it offers a different variety of possible climates. On the coasts it's hot all year, in cities like Tunja and Bogota (our capital) isvery cold in all seasons of the year and in cities such as Medellin, the weather is a little warmer.
The country has a rich variety of fauna and flora as numbers of species find their habitat indifferent regions of the country due to the climate circumstances. "The Colombian fauna biodiversity is enormous. There are 1,300 species of mammals, 1,800 species of birds (more than the sum of all NorthAmerica and Europe) and more than 35,000 species of insects (1). All this variety without counting the abundant marine life in the oceans, Colombia has the largest number of species per unit area onthe planet. In flora, is not far behind, Colombian herbaria have classified more than 130,000 plants and diversity of forests found in semi humid climates, dry plains, in the literal and brackishwater areas, in moist soil, and hot land where it rains constantly, allow the growth of different species(1).
As we noticed that due to different climates there is a wealth of fauna and flora, it...
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