Mi sueños

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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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Here I was standing right next to the fields were once I use to practice what I called my passion. My daughter was there and just watching her it seemed to me that the fields were not so big like when I was thirteen. The soccer ball didn’t seem as a meteorite striking the earth. My coach was now sixty years old and to me he seemed the same, as of that night where my team and I were namedchampions. Remembering this entire thing made time pass and my little girl practice finished. As I saw her walk to me I saw my self wearing that same uniform, but something was wrong, tears wear rolling down her cheeks and her face was down.
When we got in the car she looked at me and said “mommy why cantI be as good as you were when you were my age” “I don’t think I’m ever going to make to the division 1 team or be a starter” My answer to her was “Larissa don’t think that okay, you have to keep on trying and never give up. Let me tell you a little secret, when I was you age I was not even close to being the best. I was one of the benchwarmer and I just played from 5 to 10 minutes in the wholegame, but my dad told me these same words to never give up. I kept on trying and I never gave up, as the time passed I got better and I became what I am now a retire professional female soccer player” She looked at me with a smile on her face and she looked so determined to achieve her goal.
The next day when Larissa came back from school she looked as if her best friend had stab her in theback. She was mad and did not want to talk about it, later that day we went to practice and I notice a new player on the team intrigued to know who it was I got close to my daughter and asked who she was. As those words came out of my mouth she turned around and saw me with such sharp eyes that seemed as she was going to explode with anger. But she controlled it and said “ Valeria mom, she is my bestfriend but she always want to compete with me and be the best in everything a now she is doing in soccer knowing that its the only thing that I truly love and for that I’m going to beat her and be the best on this team” When I heard this words I remembered when I was in my team and a new girl came in and took my spot in the field I filled up with anger and envy of her game. For me she was morethan my competition she was my enemy.
That practice was exactly how mine was with that girl, the fear of loosing the spot in the team was in my daughter eyes. The competition was now in her blood this was not only a sport for her or just a game it had become her passion it was what she wanted to be, what she would fight for, just like me. First I did not take much interest on my daughterpracticing soccer because I knew she did not care so much, but now I really felt that she was into it. As the days went on Larissa got better but Valeria who had much more potential than her was better and as of my point of view my daughter wouldn’t be able to take her. I got her to many camps as my dad when I was young to make me better. And my conclusion of my daughter taking Valeria’s place waswrong. She improve so much with the desire of growth.
Over a period of months she had become a starter and was one of the most important players in the fields. She had gotten over Valeria who was in the super 2 team while my daughter was now playing premiere which is three divisions higher than super 2. Her coach always told me that by the time that she had to go to high school she would be soprepared that she wouldn’t have to go to Junior Varsity but instead go to Varsity which is the higher soccer team in high school.
The day where she had to go to high school came and she was so exited to assist and make the team, she knew that being good in the team would get notice and have a chance of getting a scholarship or if she was lucky enough a professional soccer coach would get...
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