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miércoles 6 de enero de 2010
Homework 1 (English 2) Randy Pausch.
*This is one of the most moving videosthat I have ever seen. So, for homework #1 you will have to watch it, enjoy and try to follow his advice. You can watch it as many times as you like, when you are done, please write on your notebookyour opinion about it, and what do you think was the best part of it. (You have to write in Formal English). O.K.?* *so*......Enjoy!!!

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Etiquetas: Randy Pausch
Homework 2 (English 2) Unit 6
Please copy and answer in your notebook.
Identify Clothes
Unit Goals:
1. Identify clothes2. Talk about wants and needs

Complete each statement with like or likes
Megan and Carolthat floral skirt.
Elizabeth_these blouses.
Georgethat tie
Richard and Sam__that black suit.They_those shirts.
She__that tee.

Complete the conversation:
A. you like that yellow skirt?
B. mmmm, actually I_(no).
A. Ok. What you_(necesitas)?
B. I__ a floral skirt.
A. Oh. Here'sone.
B. Yeah, you're right. I'm buying this one.
A. And just for fun.......what _you(quieres)?
B. mmmmmmmm, I __ (quiero)__(esos pantalones).
A. Me too!!

Translate and practice theprevious conversation so that you can role-play it in front of the class.
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Etiquetas: Identify clothes / wants and needs
Homework 3 (English 2)Unit 6: Wrap up
Vocabulary: Describe the clothes and shoes
A:Those pants are great! or I like that orange blouse

For girls:
Vocabulary: You will have to describe and say if you like or don'tcasual dresses from these brands: DKNY, Calvin Klein, Robbie Bee

For guys:
*Vocabulary: You will have to describe...
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