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1) The theory's eight currently accepted intelligences are:
 Spatial
 Linguistic
 Logical-mathematical
 Bodily-kinesthetic
 Musical
 Interpersonal
 Intrapersonal
 Naturalistic
2) MyIntelligence is Existential Strength, because i enjoy discussing questions about life, religión is important to me, I enjoy viewing art work, I like traveling to visit inspiring places
3) The fivenon-traditional intelligences, spatial, musical, kinesthetic, interpersonal and intrapersonal, have generally been overlooked in education. However, if we can develop ways to teach and learn by engagingall seven intelligences, we will increase the possibilities for student success and create the opportunity to, "weave a social fabric in which each diverse human gift will find a fitting place."
4)All students learn each day's lesson in seven ways. They build models, dance, make collaborative decisions, create songs, solve deductive reasoning problems, read, write, and illustrate all in oneschool day. Some more specific examples of activities at each center follow:
In Intrapersonal Intelligence, students explore the present area of study through research, reflection, or individualprojects.
In Interpersonal Intelligence, they develop cooperative learning skills as they solve problems, answer questions, create learning games, brainstorm ideas and discuss that day's topiccollaboratively.
In Musical Intelligenc), students compose and sing songs about the subject matter, make their own instruments, and learn in rhythmical ways.
In the Spatial Intelligence, they explorea subject area using diverse art media, manipulables, puzzles, charts, and pictures.
In Kinesthetic Intelligence, they build models, dramatize events, and dance, all in ways that relate to thecontent of that day's subject matter.
Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence, students read, write, and learn in many traditional modes. They analyze and organize information in written form.
In Logical/...
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