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Task 1

Hi my name is carlos and im from Mexico city Mexico.I´m 23 yearsold and my favorite singer is rcade fire .I hopemto make friends with you.contact me at carius1987@hotmail.com

Task 2This is map od oaxaca.There are about 35 millon people in oaxaca.they speak spanish there.

One of the most famous land mark is oaxaca is monte alban.It´s in oaxaca,the capital of Oaxaca.

Otherthings to see in oaxaca are the are archaelogical site of mitla,the capital of oaxaca.

Face file

Contry:oaxaca capytal city:oaxaca

Population:35 millon famous lans marks:monte albanLanguage:spanish other things tosee:the are archaeologicalsite of mitla

Task 4

Dear ruben,

Hi, my name is carlos. I´m 23 years ald and i´m from mexcio,city.

This is apicture of me and my best friend daniel.my favorite singers are arcade fire and the data rock.they´re great i love soccer,too my favorite team is guadalajara.

What about you?pleas write soon and the meeverything!


Task 3

• This is yucatan.yucatan is in the earst.its capital city is merida

• Duarango is in the werst is capital city is durango

• This is oaxacaand is capiital city is oaxaca.oaxaca is in the south.

• This is jalisco.jalisco is in the south werst.the capital cityof jalisco is guadalajara.

• This is sonora.sonora is in thenorth-werst.its capital city is hermosillo.

• The is baja california sur.baja california sur is in the wers.the capital city of baja california sur is la paz

• His is nuevo leon and itscapital city is monterrey.nuevo leon is in north

• Hidalgo is the north-earst.it capital city is pachuca.

Task 6

my family is shaped to next form:

My father's name is Paschal and his wifeRosalba she is my mother and have 3 children who call catalina she's my older sister Berenice after that is my sister and me that my name is catalina carlos.mi sister is married to victor my brother...
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