Michael jackson

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2011
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Michael Jackson
I really do not know much about Michael Jackson; however, I know enough to consider him one of the most important artist in the music history. He was oneof the most famous artist not only because of his music, but because of his personality and the marketing phenomenon which made him famous all around the world; Moreover, his physicalappearance and the variety of changes that he suffered during his career as an artist created a unique character that is and will be ever know as the King of Pop music.
Hebegan to sign with his brothers in a group named the Jackson five since he was five years old, but because he was the real icon of this group he quickly become famous as an independentsinger. He was charismatic, easy going, and adore by all America after his TV show and his different TV events in which most of the people began to know him as the best child singer of the wholemedia.
He was the parameter in music videos after he performed and created the music video “thriller” which established a new era in the music history, not only becauseit was extremely long, but because it showed a short history with music.
One of the most interesting features was the way he used his body to express what he felt whenlistening to the music; Moreover, the movements he made with his body were out of the world and the result of many hours of training. He created a dance movement that nowadays is known as themoonwalker step, but not all the people, nor all the dancers are able to make it just as he did.
Some of the songs that I love the most are Thriller, Moonwalker, Rockwith you, I´ll be there, Remember the time, You are not alone, Beat it, You rock my world, The way you make me feel, among which almost one of them you must have ever hear once in your life.
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