Michael jackson

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Alvaro Olguin
Ms. Farrell
Michael Jackson: The King of Pop

Michael Jackson the king of pop and unquestionable the biggest pop star ever gave a lot to talk all of his life. Since he started singing with his brothers in the Jackson 5 he showed everybody what he was capable of doing. The man that has won the more Grammy’s in a night and still keeps the record. If you are a fan ofMichael Jackson you don’t need to know anything more but what’s in the music. Without Jackson there is no Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Whitney Houston and the music in the world would be less significant.

Michael was born on August 29 1959 in Gary, Indiana. His father Joseph Jackson was a guitarist but put to the side his music to give his family a home as a crane operator. He was the youngest of 5brothers. Michael Jackson always showed a extraordinary talent to sing and dance. His childhood was really strict and live isolated from the world by his mother’s Jehovah’s Witnesses faith and by his father bad temper, and disciplinary regimen. Joe believed in the talent of his sons and started a family music group with his three oldest sons. A year later Michael joined them as the main singer, alwaysas the energetic stage performer we all know. “The Jackson 5” signed to Motown by 1968 and by 1969 they had their first debut single. When Michael was 11 years old the songs "I Want You Back," "ABC," "The Love You Save," and "I'll Be There" hit number one in 1970. This made The Jackson 5 to be the first pop group to have their 4 singles at the top in the charts. Michael’s future was really clearfrom the beginning. Between 1970-1975 Jackson released four solo studio albums. In 1970, Michael released his first number one single “Ben” a song about a children's story about a young boy who make friend with Ben, a very well intelligent leader of a group of rats, it turned out to be really sincere and sentimental song and was even nominated for an Oscar. Behind all this success their fatherJoe, pushed his sons to succeed. Michael and his brothers spent endless days rehearsing to make their acts completely perfect, it was later reported by Michael that Joseph even hit them for any mistakes they made during the rehearsal. For many years the Jackson 5 maintained their popularity under the supervision of the Motown staff and Berry Gordy. But as time passed problems started to show upbetween the Jackson’s and the record company. The brothers wanted more control over their recordings. Which finally made a lot of problems within the group, Jermaine started to make songs as a solo singer but none of the songs he did had as much success as Michael Jackson’s.

By 1979 Michael started slowly to become a solo singer and impressed the music world with his solo album “Off the Wall”. Itwas a funk and pop fusion and actually made 3 Grammy Award winning songs, “Rock With You”, “Off the Wall” and “Don’t Stop til’ You Get Enough”. Michael’s surprising talent also helped the Jacksons’ career to grow, with the sing “Triumph” in 1980 and sold millions of copies but by that time Michael Jackson was more interested in his solo career and started to team up with Paul McCartney, and made asong named “The Girl is Mine” that almost gets to the top of the charts. This song in fact was in his next solo album “Thriller” in 1982. On a show that honored Motown Michael sang “Billie Jean” (in the long run one of his best songs) and gave life to his astonishing and quickly famous dance move called “Moonwalk”. He created all of his choreography including the “moonwalk”. Of course the mostfamous and most well done video was “Thriller”. A horror video mixed with hard and “never seen before” steps, special effects and the voice of Vincent Price. The video gained a lot of popularity in a barely credible short period of time and stayed in the charts for 80 weeks, and in the n. 1 spot for 37 weeks. In accumulation to all of that it earned 12 Grammy Award nominations and won 8 of them. He...
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