Michael joseph jackson biography

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2011
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Michael Joseph Jackson, American recording artist, dancer, singer-songwriter, musician and philanthropist. The King of Pop the most successful singer, internationally. His popularity is increasing inan amazing form. He now is the number 1 hit singer. Now with his new debut Beat it of his recent cd Thriller. You could hear it since March 31 1983 and his video came out yesterday on MTV at 9:00p.m. Beat it was made on the streets of New York and based on the why of living of New York.
The video of Beat It was directed by bob giraldi. The choreography was made by Michael peters and himself.The people loved the groupal choreography of the video. The video begins with two band members spreading the word to meet and fight each other. Michael, lying in his bed, talks about the absurdity ofviolence. As the two sides confront, Michael gets out of bed and dressed in a red leather jacket is also directed to the same place. He interrupted a fight between rival chiefs and achoreographed dance together with the understanding that violence is not reached anywhere. The video had good critics. After the success of the song and the video,the song was also used in a national drug campaign to encourage children to stay off drugs and out of gangs. This won Jackson the chance the meet President Reagan due to the success of the campaign. The fashion was based on streets outfit. The cloth was rustic, colorful, with a violent effect. Michael said: the cloths were based on the fashion that people from New York use, they are streetcloths. The most important cloths were the black jacket of one of the band members and the red jacket from Michael Jackson. Michael J- the staff and the actors in the video were easy to lead, they werefast and learn really easily. They were 18 professional dancers in the video. The video was inspired by the West side Story so it looks like the Sharks and the Jets battling one another through song...
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