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  • Publicado : 19 de noviembre de 2010
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Since the Losi Micro-T is electric, it was easy to get it up and running. The most time consuming preparation task was charging the battery, and that simply involves waiting for the charger to complete its task. The nice thing about the charger is that it's super easy to use, being as foolproof as possible. There's only the connection to the truck's battery to be concerned with, as the 8 AAbatteries that fit in the back handle supplying the charger with power.

I found that it took roughly 15-20 minutes to charge the Micro-T's battery most of the time, which ends up being a little quicker than the estimates on the charger's label. So waiting on the pack to charge doesn't take too long at all. On the other side of the coin, I saw runtimes in the 7-9 minute range. The exact runtimedepended upon how aggressive I was driving the Micro-T, and the gearing option used. The larger pinion would shorten the runtime, while the smaller pinion increased it slightly.

I will admit when I received the Micro-T, I wasn't expecting it to feel very fast. After all, box stock minis don't often seem super fast when compared to the nitro-screamers I normally run. However, the speed provided bythe Micro-T was surprising. Outdoors, with plenty of room, the truck seemed a little tamer. However, once in an enclosed area, I found myself watching exactly how much throttle I was using. Even in a large room, such as the basement game room I made my indoor runs in, the Micro-T had more than enough power to suit any speed junky.

I did start by taking the Micro-T along with me to Monkey BottomRaceway. Initially it was just for a photo shoot to give me the header image for this article, but before I left the truck spent some time in the dirt. The track is oversized for a 1/36 scale truck like the Micro-T but, since some owners will undoubtedly take theirs outside every now and then, I felt it offered a glimpse into what it would do in the dirt. I started by zipping the Micro-T up anddown the carpeted pit road, but soon headed towards the track.

The large oversized jumps prevented the truck from getting major air, but I was very pleased at the level of control the truck seemed to offer. It stuck to the track well, showing that the friction-based shocks and the small truck well a pretty well-matched combination for general driving. The shocks aren't quite as smooth asoil-filled versions, but they really didn't seem to hinder the truck's suspension performance as much as you'd expect. This was due in large part to the vehicle's small size and the fact I wasn't getting much air over the large jumps. Even when I got a little air, the truck wasn't landing on flat ground, but rather the sloped backside of the jump. While the vehicle's strong suit is tailored to areas thatoffer a fairly smooth surface, it was encouraging to see that the Micro-T could still muster up some fun at the track.

After some time at the track, I took the Micro-T back indoors at headed to the large floor area offered in the game room. In cooler weather it's really nice to be able to relax indoors with a little RC action, and not have to brave the elements found outside. With a fullycharged battery, full throttle starts on carpet would raise the front of the Micro-T up as it lunged forward. I fashioned a ramp using some items I had lying around and jumped the Micro-T seeking some airtime. The micro-sized stadium truck took to the air well, and landed with a little bounce to it. It was even more fun to put the ramp on the landing for the stairs, and jump the last couple of stepsdown to the floor of the game room. The truck would soar into the air, although the landing was a little more bouncy than the smaller jumps. The height of the jump pushed the friction shocks a little harder than the smaller jump, and started to show the limit of what friction shocks could reasonably dampen.

Despite the use of friction shocks, overall control was very good while jumping the...
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