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  • Publicado : 13 de junio de 2011
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EasyPLC Software Suite v.5


Product Feature
With EasyPLC you can use a personal computer to make automatismscontrol, test, training and simulation. The main characteristic of EasyPLC is that it emulates the operation of a PLC, using the programming languages most used in the industrial world: Ladder, Grafcet,Logic Blocks Functions and Script.

Key Features:

• With EasyPLC you will be
able to write programs as if you have been working with a PLC, using the more common languages like Ladder, Grafcet,Logic Blocks or Script.

EasyPLC is the perfect tool to learn how to use the automatic control systems used in the industry, only with your Personal Computer, the EasyPLC software and aninput/output interface (optional).

Software Modules
EasyPLC Software Suite is composed by EasyPLC Editor, Virtual PLC CPU, HMI System and Machines Simulator. • • • EasyPLC Editor is used to create, edit anddebug the logic programs. Virtual PLC CPU emulates the PLC operation, executing the logic programs. HMI System is the program that offers the program interface between the users and the PLC. Withthis tool you can create Screens easily to make the information exchange. Machines Simulator offers a virtual 3D world with real time graphics and physics where the PLC programs can be tested.

• Usethe HMI System to create
the Human Machine Interface, to communicate the computer with users.

• If you want to simulate your
program and you do not have a physical system, use the MachinesSimulator software, where you can use a real 3D world with physics to test your programs with the machines that you can create or with the predefined ones.

You can use EasyPLC tomake automatisms control, training, simulation, initiation in the world of the PLC's, robotics, etc…

EasyPLC Software Suite v.5

EasyPLC Connections
EasyPLC can be compatible with any I/O...
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