Middle east

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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2011
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The crisis in the Middle East is a complex series of situations that is bringing about the downfall of the old regimes that had controlled those countries since last century.
The movements startedin January with the revolution in Tunez. Thousands, maybe millions of people went out to the streets, and in a pacific way overthrew the government in order to establish a democratic way of government.Days later, a revolution began in Egypt. In this case, it was everything but pacific. Mubarak, Egypt’s ruler, refused to leave power, forcing the opposition to start a civil war that caused the deathof many people in the country. However, after weeks of terror, confusion and violent protests, Mubarak accepted to leave power. He left power in hands of the army, and they guaranteed to organizedemocratic elections as soon as the conditions were correct. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of bewilderment, and many time will pass until people can start to get organized and make the country workagain.
Protests didn’t stop in Egypt. At the beginning of February, the people of Libia and Bahrein went out to the streets in order to stand against the totalitarian regimes. These protests havecontinued for at least one month now, and they are both about to reach their goals.
In Libia, thousands of people have died, and hundreds continue to die everyday, as the government keeps repressing theprotests with open fire from the army. The people, however, have reached Trípoli, the capital, and a big faction of the army has turned their back on the president. There is also a lot of externalpresure, as the UN is analizing the possibility of processing Gadaffi, the president, in the International Court of Justice for war crimes. Also, President Obama has publicly supported the people ofLibia and has asked Gadaffi to leave power. All this factors seem to be urging Gadaffi to abandon the country and leave it in hands of the peolple, but he is still resisting and seems able to do...
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