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"Keep me today for tomorrow"


"The Earth is our home and the home of all living things. The earth itself is alive. We arepart of an evolving universe. We are members of a community of interdependent life with a magnificent diversity of life forms and cultures. Wehumbled by the beauty of the earth and share a reverence for life and the sources of our being. "


Talk: Talking with a low voice,as most animals are endemic in the wilderness, the softly does not scare the animals and there is little chance of observing them. The subject tobe treated will be the importance of the paramos for life, frailejón and endemism of species.

Walk: Walking slowly due to the altitude and lackof air, not run due to the rapid fatigue that can be felt, walking the trails in place and not leave them as the floor area is very prone toerosion, due to their fragility.

Wildlife observation: the essential to observe the fauna of the paramos is the dress, using cryptic colored clothingthat is dark, so the animals do not stray, as specified walk slowly and quietly, take some binoculars to appreciate good resolution birds.Problem solving: The reason for the visit will raise awareness to people about the care of the water and the good use the den at home, is precisely theproblem to be solved, making the tourists become transmitters of this message and thus society begins to be more aware on water conservation.
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