Migrant workers

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Discuss the similarities and differences between the texts and their theme(s). Include comments on the ways the authors use elements such as structure, tone, images, and other stylistcit devices tocommunicate their purposes.
Text one is a song that talks about the hard life of a migrant family. The author of this book is Jim Croce and the song is called “The Migrant Workers”. Text two is anextract of a novel that talks about the relationship between two close friends, George and Lennie. The author of the novel is John Steinbeck and the novel is called “Of Mice and Men. None of the textshave a specific audience and eventhough they have different genre, they both have the same purpose; entertainment.
Text 1 is about a family that is having a lot of troubles in their livings, the authormakes very good descriptions of what happens to migrant families. We know it’s about a family because when the author tells us “Pack the truck Maria” he is naming a woman, probably the mother of thechildren, this demonstrates that the author wanted to make it personal for the reader to have a better idea of what happens to these families. Jim Croce also says “Tell the kids”, probably to makesure that the reader understands that the song is about a family. Text 2 is about two people that apparently they are very good friends, George and Lennie. They are around a fire and they are about tohave dinner but George says “I like ‘em with ketchup”. This drives George very mad and starts to yell at Lennie like if he was his son. This gives the reader the idea that George is definitely incontrol and George is kind of childish. So both texts talk about a family having problems in their life.
Text one is divided into 9 verses with four lines each, with an exception of the last verse whichhas only three lines. This may represent that the hope for this family is vanishing as time passes; in this case, time is represented by the verses. In contrast, text 2 is divided into 3 long...
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