Miguel hidalgo

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  • Publicado : 25 de enero de 2011
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1.-María is looking for her sister.

2.-.I like my new dress

3.-Jose and Maria are students. Their older brother is a mechanic.4.-Gina is wearing a blues. Her blues is green.

5.-Guadalupe is Mexican. Her family is from Oaxaca.

6.-I have a pencil. My pencil is yellow

7.-Mr. Fulmer has a van. His van is very old.8.-The principal to y brother not to bring. His cell phone to school

9.-I have two bothers. Their names are Juan and Jose.

10.-Miriam and I have mat class together. Our teacher is MS. Green.11.-Two student did not have their homework in math class today.

12.-Juan wasn´t at lunch today. His faster took him to the dentist.

13.-Maria has a ball. Her ball is white.

14.-Jorge has atruck. His truck in new

15.-My family has a dog. OUR dog´s name is Poncho

16.-Their classroom is bigger.

17.-Your children are very educated.

18. - My father spent his life reading.

19.- Her eyes were really beautiful.

20. - My car is bigger than her car.


1. - Julie's car is red. Mine is blue.

2. My telephone is out of order, but his is working.3. You can't have any chocolate! It's mine!.

4. You computer is a Mac, but mine is a PC.

5. This bird has broken its wing.

6. My pencil is broken. Can I borrow yours?

7.These grammar books are different. Yours has 278 pages, but mine has only 275.

8. Junko has eaten her lunch already, but I'm saving mine until later.

9. We gave them our telephone number,and they gave us theirs.

10. The big cars are theirs.

11. It belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it's theirs.

12. This is yours.

13. I'm sorry, that's his.

14. Those books arehers.

15. Those students are ours.

16. Look over there, those seats are yours.

17. Theirs will be green.

18. this is our house.

19. that car is mine.

20. this book is...