Mindless crime

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  • Publicado : 10 de diciembre de 2010
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Crime is as old as humanity. Once of the latest ways of committing a crime is actually an activity that we normally see almost every day and no one stops it; instead, people encourage it. We call itpiracy, to be more specific, selling movies and music CDs without having the copyrights or permissions to do so. Due to the recession in Puerto Rico some people have turned to piracy to be able tosurvive.
There was an unfortunate incident in the year 2009 where the governor of Puerto Rico fired more than two thousand government employees and their only income is the unemployment benefit theyget for a period of time combined with the food stamp program. This government decision has put several people of our community in a big financial hardship since there are no jobs available in PuertoRico. For this reason people have turned to piracy since it is easy money. How can they make and distribute the DVDs and music CDs?
This people in need of a good income would need a computer and highspeed internet to be able to produce the DVDs and music CDs. Most people have this service and equipment already, but if they don’t; then, they invest knowing that their business would be verysuccessful. Once they have the equipment, all they need is to invest in some blank CDs and DVDs that cost them less than a dollar per blank disk. Wouldn’t they need a program to download the movies and musicand to burn the disk? You may ask yourself. That is correct, they would need a program to do all that, but these programs are actually free software that anybody can find over the internet. After theyhave a collection of different kind of movies and music records, they will go on to the next step of selling the product.
You will see them post around the market places and even flea marketsselling this product that was made with all the intention knowing that it is illegal. They would sell each disk for five dollars. After a long day, if they have sold fifty disks, that would give them two...
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