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Advanced Reporting and Charting


ur new Advanced Reporting and Charting (ARC) tool already enhances MSSO, MSIP Material Manager (MSIPMM), and MSEPc. Soon ARC will be standard in MSIP, MSSP,MSHaulage, MSDA, and MSTorque. Here’s why ARC is such a superior reporting and charting tool. Exciting new features include:

• Pivot reports - display complex datasets in compact and summarizedreports. • Detailed reports - complete tabulated data with logical layout and customization options for complex datasets. • Charts - switch between data in 2D and 3D, or combine several series in asingle chart. • Pre-defined templates - hit the ground running. • Custom templates –create templates and reuse them later. • Customization options for charts - full control over the appearance and thebehavior. Save the options and reuse them in all products with ARC functionality. • Report export in multiple formats - PDF, HTML, MHT, XLS, CSV, TXT, RTF, and image. • Chart export to differentimage formats - BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WMF. • Report designer–customizable designing for advanced users. • Printing - adjust the page setup, background color, or specify a watermark.Pivot rePorts
ARC offers both static and dynamic pivot reports. The pivot reports quickly display table data as fully customizable, sliceand-dice reports. Field values automatically appear in a treestructure with expandable parents while displaying totals for each row and column. Export data to numerous formats and print the contents just like traditional WYSIWYG reports. Figure 1 shows a samplestatic report from MSIP Material Manager.
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Figure 1 Pivot table from MSIP-MM

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Dynamic pivot reports offer full control overtheir visual layout so data can be examined from multiple perspectives. Drag and drop any field into the Data, Column, Row, or Filter header areas in the report. Field values are automatically arranged...
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