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Mini-Ethnography: Republic of Macedonia’s Culture

In 1991, the old Socialist Republic of Macedonia that was part of the Republic Federal Socialist of Yugoslavia proclaimed their independence underthe official name of Republic of Macedonia. They limit to the north with Servia and Kosovo, to the east with Bulgaria, to the south with Greece and to the west with Albania. Its capital is Skopje,with more than 500,000 inhabitants. This country has some problems with the use of the term "Macedonia". It was rejected by Greece making a dispute on the denomination of this country and this issuecontinues nowadays.

Republic of Macedonia is a country well known because of the history that they share to the world. In addition to this, they are evolving and becoming more modern in terms ofculture but this change has created some stereotypes and prejudices in their society. This is the topic that I will explain in this miny-ethnography, the stereotypes and prejudices of Republic ofMacedonia and their consequences.

The world is changing and societies too and that is why there are more living styles and behavior patterns that are emerging and being more explicit in Macedonia’ssociety. Macedonian people are criticized because they like gossiping about everything and this is consider a big part of their culture. The gossips create some prejudices and stereotypes in their lifebecause their citizens prefer to know what happen to other people than what happen to themselves. They usually discriminate based on anything that they might find, beside this the younger generations aremore modern but still love gossiping.

Young people like to meet at any café bar and use their time to gossip about what is going on. The main topic that they like to discuss about is the sexualorientation of the people and social-economic problems and I will confirm that they have strong discrimination and prejudice issues and they are not planning to make a change about it.

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