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Instruction for Installing Minix on Vmware 5.5.2 (For Windows)
Hardware Requirements
1) Systems having at least 512 MB of Memory (Minix can run on machines having memory lesser than 512MB, however to avoid problems later on since we have to install multiple Minix, it is recommended to use a machine with minimum 512 MB of RAM and allocate 256MB to Vmware machines. )
2) Each minixrequires 16MB Mem and 200MB hard-disk;
3) Have around 0.8GB free hard-disk space (recommended for 4 minix)

Software Requirements

1) Vmware 4.5.2.
This shall be provided by Instructor. Kindly ask him for a legal copy. Since this is an Institutional course, using pirated copy is illegal.
2) Minix Operating System
For the purpose of Installing Minix on Vmware, we shall use Floppy Images ofthe installation files. Please download from here and extract to your host machine by Winrar. Then you have 11 files: root_usr.flp, sys_1.flp, sys_2.flp, usr_1.flp, usr_2.flp, usr_3.flp, cmd_1.flp, cmd_2.flp, cmd_3.flp, net.flp, amd_new.flp
With Vmware and Minix Floppy Images, we are all set to install Minix on Vmware.
For Installation of Vmware on Windows Machine, click on the link belowInstallation of Vmware
Installation Suggestions
You could follow steps 1-12 in next section to setup a minix virtual machine. To save time, I suggest you use the pre-built virtual machine. You need the following three files: (VMware disk image, the size is about 7M), other.vmdk and other.vmx. Put these three files into a directory called Minix2.0.4, unzip the file (youwill get a large file called other-flat.vmdk). You can then run this pre-built virtual machine in VMware by loading other.vmx.
Go to appendix of this document, see some funny functionalities.
If you would prefer to install minix from scratch, follow steps in next section.
Installation of Minix on Vmware From Scratch
1) Power up Vmware by either clicking on the shortcut on the desktop or eitherselecting Vmware WorkStation from Programs-->Accessories-->Vmware-->Vmware Workstation.
2) After starting the Vmware WorkStation, click on New Virtual Machine and click Next on the following installation Wizard.

3) Select “Custom”
4) Name the Virtual Machine to be created as Minix1 (or any other self-describing name) and give the path to save the Virtual Machine such asH:\My Virtual Machine\Minix
5) Hit the Next Button and then allocate 16MB RAM
6) Hit the Next Button and Select Network Address Translation (NAT)

7) Select BusLogic (its default) and press Next
8) Check Create a New Virtual Disk and hit Next

9) Select Disk Type as IDE (its Default)
10) Allocate 0.2GB (i.e. 200 MB) of disk space and check markAllocate All Disk Space now.

Note: A warning for Pre-Allocated Disk occurs, click Yes and proceed.
11) Specify the Disk File name as Minix1.vmdk (by default it’s Other.vmdk) and hit Finish
Note: A Disk creating step shall take place for a couple of seconds, let it happen

Once the Disk Creating Process is over, the following screen is displayed.
12) Click onthe Edit button and remove Audio, USB controller, CDRom. This step isn’t necessary but since Minix cant uses them anyways.

Note: Now you have a 200M file with extension name (.vmdk), such as minix-flat.vmdk. Download image file from website, get file other-flat.vmdk to overwrite your file with the name minix-flat.vmdk,then your minix machine is done. All drivers and tools for final project are already there. If you prefer to installing it from the scrach, go to next step.
13) After that, click on Floppy 1 and from the right hand options, click on Use Floppy Image and Browse to find, folder Floppy 1 and select file root_usr.flp and say OK. ( Note: if there is no Floppy in device list, click “Add” to add one;...
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