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Underage is a condition in which a person is limited by a law, because he/she is considerate immature to do certain things that adults are capable to do. This topic has triggered polemic around the world between teenagers and adults by the laws that prohibit things to underagers and because the age to consider someone an adult changes in each country.
In this work we are going tocompare those laws in the most important countries and Colombia, to show the social reality nowadays and the opinion of people of different ages about the polemic situation and the changes that Colombia would make to try a new better future for under-agers.
Nowadays we face a teen problem that affects the whole society in topics like alcohol, drugs and all the themes related with adolescences andhow they are labored because they think that they are enough mature to do certain things that in the real world but the reality is another so that is when the problems begins
Underagers is the condition in which a person hasn’t reached the age of majority it means, the person is a minor and is legally considered a child, and then its parents or legal guardian assumes control over the persons,actions and decisions in spite of the legal control and responsibilities.
This age to consider someone an “underager” changes in different countries around the world and that is because of the culture that determines the correct age in which a person has the mature enough to assume the responsibilities of its own actions and decisions.
There are some laws in each country that limit some thingsto minors as the consumption of alcohol and the possibility to acquire the drive license. For example ‘’In eleven states, including Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, South Carolina, and Texas, a "juvenile" is legally defined as a person under seventeen In two states, New York and North Carolina, "juvenile" refers to a person under sixteen. In other states a juvenileis legally defined as a person under eighteen.’’ Another country As Canada, ‘’for all provincial laws, the provincial and territorial governments have the power to set the age of majority in their respective province or territory, so as such, the age varies across Canada. Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island have the age set at 18, while in British Columbia, Ontario, YukonTerritories, Northwest Territories, Nunavut,Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick the age of majority is 19. Saskatchewan legal gaming age is 18 while Saskatchewans legal drinking age is 19’’

Those laws have triggered polemics around the world in countries as Colombia in which some people think that nowadays teenagers between ages 16-17 are capable to assume their own responsibilities, but otherones think that is not possible that.
In Colombia there is a law which prohibits selling alcohol to minors. It is located in the 124 Act of 1994 that says ‘’ ACT 124 OF 1994 by which prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to Minors and other provisions’’. And is developed like this:
* SECTION 1 prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to minors: The older person to provide alcoholicbeverages or purchase shall be punished in accordance with the standards for retailers in the National Codes or Police Department.
ARTICLE 2 The child who is found consuming alcoholic beverages or beodez status must attend with their parents or guardians to an alcohol prevention course the Colombian Family Welfare Institute or entity in its stead

Despite this Act people in Colombia continueselling alcohol to minors for that reason we can easily find drunken teenagers on weekend in streets and even more in parties because they can get alcohol from little shops in the neighborhood using a fake ID or just the seller wants to do that. Other thing is that they are buying faking ID with the porpoise to enter to pubs or bars in the city that requires a specific age to enter or otherwise...
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