Miracle worker

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Martha: why do you, bite her hand?
Percy: that’s how I do, she keep poking her fingers in my motuh, I just bite’em off
Martha: what she trying to do now?
Percy: She tryin’ talk. She gonna get mad. Looka her tryin’ talk.
[Helen is scowling, the lips under her fingertips moving in ghostly silence, growing more and more frantic, until in a bizarre rage she bites at her won fingers. This sendsPercy off into laughter, but alarms Martha]
Martha: Hey, you stop now. (she pulls Helen’s hand down.) You just quite and ---
[ Bu at once Helen topples Martha on her back, knew pinning her shoulders own, and grabs the scissors, Martha screams, Percy darts to the bell string on the porch, yanks it, and the bell rings.]
Kate: Helen (she is down the steps at once to them, seizing Helens wrists andlifting her off Martha; Martha runs off in tears and screams for momma, with percy after her. ) Let me have those scissors.

Aunt Ev. Arthur? Arthur, something ought to be done for that child.

Keller. A refreshin' suggestion. What?

Aunt Ev. Why, this very famous Perkins School in Boston. They're just supposed to do wonders.

[Aunt Ev gives the towel doll to Helen, shestarts examining the doll, looking for the eyes]

Keller. She's been to specialists. They couldn't
help her in Baltimore or Washington.

Kate. I think the Cap'n will write to the Perkins School soon.

Keller. Katie, how many times can you let them break your heart?

Kate. Any number of times, as long as there's the least chance for her to see or hear.

[Helen starts demanding thedoll to have eyes]

Keller.- There isn't! I must finish here.

Kate. With your permission, Cap'n, I would like to write to the Perkins School.

Keller. I said no, Kate.

Aunt Ev. Writing does no harm, Arthur.
Kate. A little bitty letter to see if they can help.
Keller. They can't.
Kate. We won't know that to be a fact till after you write.Keller. They can't.
[ Helen demanding the doll to have eyes, brings the things Captain Keller has in his table]
Keller. I might as well work in a hen yard.
James. - You really ought to put her away, Father.
Kate. - What?
James. - Some asylum. It's the kindest thing.
Aunt Ev. - She is your sister, James.
James. Half-sister and half... mentally defective. She can't keep herselfclean. It's not pleasant to see her about.
Kate. Do you dare complain of what you can see?
Keller. This discussion's at an end. The house is at sixes and sevens over the child.I want some peace here. I don't care how. But we won't have it by rushin' about the country to every new quack.

[ Helen pulls out some of Aunt Ev´s bottoms]
Aunt Ev. - Helen! My buttons.

Kate. Eyes. She wants thedoll to have eyes.
Aunt Ev. My goodness me. I'm not decent.

Kate. She doesn't know better, Aunt Ev. I'll sew 'em on again.

Aunt Ev. It's worth a couple of buttons, Kate. Look.
This child has more sense than all these men Kellers, if there's ever a way to reach that mind of hers.

[ Helen walks to were Mildred is, and brings him down]

- Helen!

Kate. Helen! You'renot to do such things. How can I make you understand?

Keller. Katie!
Kate. How can I get it into your head, my darling?
Keller. Katie, she must be taught some discipline.
Kate. Discipline an afflicted child? Is it her fault?
Keller. I didn't say it was.
Kate. How can I teach her? Beat her till she's black and blue?
Keller. It's not safe for her to be around here. There mustbesome way of confinin' her.
Kate. In a cage? She's a growin' child. She has to use her limbs.
Keller. Answer me one thing. Is it fair to the baby?
Kate. Are you willing to put her away?
[Helen slaps Kate]
Keller. Now what?
Kate. She wants to talk like... be like you and me.Every day she slips further away. I don't know how to call her back.
Aunt Ev. I do have a mind to write to Boston...