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Exercises Week 5
I. Fill in the blank with his or her. Follow the example:
A man and his dog
a. A girl and her ballb. A mother and his son
c. A boy and his dog
d. A husband and her wife
e. A father and her daughter
II. Underline the right answer. Followthe examples:
(These /This) is my brother
(These/ This) are my cousins
a. ( These /This) are my friends
b. ( These /This) is my father
c. ( These /This) is mywife
d. ( These /This) are my daughters
e. ( These /This) are my parents
III. Fill in the blank with have or has. Follow the examples:
We have a car She has a brothera. You has ten flowers
b. I have a bicycle
c. We don’t have children
d. The baby has a green cup
e. The boy and the girl have bread
f. He has two sisters

IV. Fill in theblnks with in or on. Follow the example:
The coffee is _in__ the cup

a. The computer is in the table
b. The grandmother is in the house
c. The sandwich is on the plate
d. Theplates are on the sink
e. The cat is in the chair

V. Fill in the blank with my, your, his, her, their. Follow the examples.
The girl and _her___ mother are playing. I like _my___house
Juan and Marcos brought _their____ soccer ball. My sister is hugging _her__ cat
a. The man loves her wife.
b. The boys love her grandmother.
c. You change theirunderwear every day.
d. I love my dog.
e. The woman is hugging with children.

VI. Underline the correct answer. Follow the examples:
The teacher (work/ works/working)at the school.
The girl is (drink/drinks /drinking) chocolate.
The boys ( play/playing /plays) outside.

a. write /writing/writes She (read/reading/reads) after dinner.
b. The girls...