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  • Publicado : 10 de septiembre de 2012
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We arrive to Asbury yesterday! First we went to the admissions office .
We stay there for a while then we take the tour and it was very nice! First we went tothe library, that’s amazing because is huge and you find every thing you need and its divided by sections.
We also went to the dorms they are beautiful.
We go to the mediacenter is like a lobby and they have some computers and a lots of sofa and a ping pong and they have pool. And it was awesome because the only thing that goes to my mind its like putone of those in Southwest School, but a also think that its not going to help because we don’t have a like a free time between classes!
That’s a good things all the university’shave that.
We went to a building I don’t remember the name but is a building where they have all the awards and that stuff. They have a lots of things of some movies that studentsfrom Asbury participates on that by filming the movie . it was so cool
We went to eat and it was so delicious because they have shrimp and that kind of stuff.
We went to talk withone consoler of the university and we just talk and ask questions to him.
We have like a free time and we go outside and we play and a man said to us that we should talk with thecoach because we are so good. That really impress me.
We hang out for a while then we went to the apartments, I stay with the son of the vice principal he is a nice person andwe have fun!
Today we wake up at 6:30 and we went and take our breakfast.
We went to named western classes it was good. Then we left ASBURY.
Asbury is a nice and a gooduniversity.
We went to see one of the biggest bridge for train guess what? We are lucky we saw the train that was amazing!
Good night I’m going to tell more about my trip tomorrow
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