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Dear Carlos:
Thanks for your words expressed in the mail.
On the other hand, I’m going to do everything possible so that General Management is aware of the need and importance of acquiring afive-axis vertical lathe.
To do this, I need a comparative table of the lathe mx 3000-Doosan and the Multus 400-Okuma which express the benefits and capabilities of these and actually certifying thatOkuma has better features because I need to support it with numbers to the general management.
Remember that before I bought from Doosan and therefore I must put greater emphasis on supporting thesuperiority of Okuma. However, when I was in Sao Paulo, you know that I was not satisfied with the treatment of Okuma.
Finally, I guarantee that it’s enough that Hidrostal bought a machine from Okuma sothat several major companies follow its equipment acquisition model. Hidrostal is today a leader in latest technology and processes and thus all pay close attention the brands of lathes that Hidrostalis acquiring. If It realized, dear Carlos, believe me that the market for Okuma in Perú will have an interesting picture right now that the country has an amazing economic growth.
I look forward to amore timely and fluid communication with you. I take leave wishing you success and health.
Best regards
Hugo Cubillas (Gordo Ultimahorero xD)

Estimado Carlos:
Gracias por sus palabrasmanifestadas en el mail.
Por otro lado, voy a hacer todo lo posible porque gerencia general sepa de la necesidad y la importancia de adquirir un torno horizontal de 5 ejes.
Para ello, necesito un cuadrocomparativo de el torno mx 3000-Doosan y el Multus 400-Okuma donde se expresen las bondades y capacidades de éstos y que certifique ,efectivamente, que Okuma tiene mejores características, ya que necesitosustentarlo con cifras ante la gerencia general.
Recuerde que anteriormente le compre a Doosan y por ello debo poner mayor énfasis en la sustentación de la superioridad de Okuma. No obstante,...
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