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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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The usage of English for me as a Mexican was at first something natural; I didn’t found any other use other than understanding those neighbors and their TV shows,singing and knowing the meaning of the lyrics, even when learning English was an obligation because of school. I found a purpose for it or a “why” after I started thecareer, within classes there was a demand for me to learn about the people that made learning English a purpose, then I started to open my eyes to all the factors thatinvolved speaking and understanding, all of those elements made me really wonder, why speak and use English? The reason we all speak and use English the way we do, usagedepends of necessity, even speaking comes with necessity, take for instance Mexican immigrants in the US and their need for English to survive.

On the other side andreturning to what comes closer to my experience as user of the language, English is a mere tool, very useful because of the geographical location, one would think at thebeginning that most people learn English because they like it and because they can use it to cross and use the language while shopping and ordering a burger, realityand statistics show us that the vast majority learn the language because they need a better job or a better position at their work, and that’s it. I think that learning alanguage for fun or as a tool is good, although just the fact that you’re learning makes the difference.

In conclusion, my perception about the usage of the Englishlanguage continues to change, and it changes a lot because of what I read and see in reality, more and more people find different uses for it, the sands always change.
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