Miss julie

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  • Publicado : 6 de noviembre de 2011
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In this written task, the aim is to show all what Julie felt before committing suicide. This letter is addresses to the father of Julie, the counter. He is a man who is not totally present in the life of his daughter, and remains a distant and strained since the death of his wife. The family past is a mystery, since no one knows how the house burn down, and if the friend which they borrow moneywas the lover of Julie´s mother.
Another objective of this written task is to show that Miss Julie was not only the hysterical and desperate women August Strindberg describes, and although she had a distant relationship with his father, she could let go of the resentment and admit she loves her father.
I choose to do a farewell letter before committing suicide on the part of Julie addressed tohis father because it struck me how a women may want to take her life only because of pride and shame. I was amazed how can choices that people take change just because of the era they were taken, and also strikes me that society has undergone many changes, but in many ways remains the same.

Dear father:

Honestly, I don’t know how can I start this letter, but Ithink you disserve the truth. I want to tell you all my story, all that I have lived these last days. I know that in the moment you read this letter all my life would already changed, and I deeply regret yours too.
My story started right here, in this house. As you know, I was destroyed by breaking my last love. I spent weeks locked in my room crying, not knowing what to do with my life, askingmyself what did I make wrong, if it was my fault or his. But after some time, I realise that all I want was to have some fun, to forget all my problems, to forget all I was going through. So I decide to go to the party the servants were doing. I never had it so good in my life like that day. It was amazing! I have so much fun. I dance all night, but I dance the local dance! Then I went to thekitchen to drink some water and there I meet Christine and Jean, the cook and the housekeeper. I decided I want to dance with Jean, so I forced him to do it, even when he told me he promised Christine the next dance. We went downstairs to the party and dance all night. We had an incredible night, we have so much fun. When we stopped dancing we go for a walk, and you cannot believe what happen next. Westart talking about love, and he declared me his love. He confessed me he falls in love with me when we were just kids. I just couldn’t believe it. It was impossible, how can it be? My housekeeper! All this time and I didn’t realize. But then we started hearing voices, and Jean told me they were singing about us. We need to escape; no one can see us together, because that would tarnish myreputation. Jean proposed to run away to my bedroom. What comes next is very difficult to tell it to you, because I am really sorry and ashamed. The truth is that I had sex with Jean. I don’t know why I made what I did that night. First because my social position would drop dramatically if someone sees me with Jean. And secondly, because I had never seen Jean in that way. For me he had always been myhousekeeper. In that moment I realize I was totally in loved with Jean.
When we go out of my room, we went down to the kitchen, and he tells me we have to escape and that we couldn’t tell anything to anyone. He confessed me that his dream is to travel to Como in northern Italy and make a first-class hotel. Here is when my story changes dramatically. I told Jean I have no money. First he staysin silence, and then he began to cancel all our plans. I realise he want me because of my money, so I called him vulgar. I start insulting him, and finally he called my whore, and confessed me that all the story of those little kids, was a lie. He compares me with animals and prostitutes. But suddenly his attitude change drastically. He starts treating me in a good way, becoming passionate again....
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