Missile crisis

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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2011
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After the Second World War Europe was divided in two sides, the east (communism) and the west (capitalism); both sides have hate between them, because they are very different, therewas a lot of competition between them; basically the cold war was caused by the huge competition between the communism and the capitalism.
The missile crisis was part of the cold war. It was aconfrontation between the communism and capitalism (in this case the USSR and Cuba “against” the USA.), this confrontation was caused because the USSR had some missiles bases and nuclear weapons in Cuba,with the intention of attacking USA.
In 1962 the USA airplanes detected the weapons base construction, when they “discovered” the base they decided to plan something in order to stop the construction ofthese bases, so they started to think about many possible forms, an invasion, a limitary attack, a diplomacy, but finally they decide to make a military block against USSR, in all the differentaspects. Ships that went to Cuba were checked up in order to prevent that more materials or missiles could enter to the island. So USA. created a nuclear base in Turkey with the purpose of attacking USSR.The relationship between USSR and Cuba, was better every day, USSR become the first importing country of the Cuban sugar.
USA broke relationships with Cuba and took it out from the OEA, because theyaccept to have the missile bases from the USSR there.
Until October of 1962, USSR refused to have missiles bases on Cuban’s territory. But when USA. detected the missile bases, President John F.Kennedy try to use a strategy in order to attack USSR, so that’s why they make a missile base on Turkey, because from USA bombs couldn’t reach USSR, but from Turkey they could reach it.
But if theyattack the other country, the other country will defeat; so wasn’t a good idea to attack. Also if they attacked, was a very big possibility that each country could be count as the “victims” of the...
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