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This project will give you the opportunity to go in-depth on the architecture and engineering achievements of an ancient civilization. There are a number of steps you must completewhich will ultimately lead to a 15 minute group presentation on your culture. For this project, you and your group will be responsible for the following:

Project Requirements

watch the DVD“Engineering an Empire: The Aztecs” at least twice (DVD provided by Ms. Clavin)

complete the movie guide questions on the provided worksheet

meet with Ms. Clavin to clarify and ask questions aboutcontent and shape of the lecture (after you complete worksheet and before presentation)

discuss and practice presentation with your group members

make a presentation about the primary contributionsof your civilization

Lecture Contents

The information to be covered in your lecture come from your answers to the worksheet, discussions with your group and Ms. Clavin, and the movie clips (seechart) which you must show to the class. The lecture must:

be no longer than 15 minutes

include a discussion of the important people, achievements, and engineering feats of the civilizationinclude at least 1 map (for every member of the class) of the civilization at the height of its power

note: avoid a close-up of the city); maps may be hand drawn or printed from computer

it maybe possible to print a screen shot directly from the DVD

include movie clips, (see chart)

fast forward to necessary clip smoothly and with authority (note: class DVD player doesn’t have a“counter.” Ms. Clavin may be able to provide one for your presentation, but not for your practice--you will have to make arrangements).

while one persons “fast forwards” another person should be talkingGrading

You will be graded individually and as a group. Each group member must share equally in the preparation, practice, and presentation. Cueing for other group members is one of the...
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