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Mythologies are a way for a culture to explain their surroundings, the way they see things and give a reason for their everyday life. Different cultures have varying view points but that is theirmain goal. In the Japanese mythology; mostly comprised of a mixture between their own Shinto religion and a bit a Buddhism as well as some folk traditions based on agriculture, in Chinese mythology is acollection of stories and cultures passed down orally once, though now they are written and in Russia originally there were beliefs of Slavic origin but these have mostly been forgotten with thearrival of Christianity, their mythology is mostly one of what Americans would deem as superstition and highly relative to luck.
Russia’s culture was named Slavic before being christened and the Slavicculture being considered a pagan one as it saw multiple gods and believed in a great amount of things. An amount of the Slavic culture was changed by Christians to blend with their beliefs as thebirds of prophecy Sirins, Alkonosts, and Gamayuns are transformed into Archangels in Paradise. Some of their festivals were changed to worship the equivalent of their deities to the saints ofChristianity. Their “supreme god” was Rod from which the world was born from and most things were created in his image much like God in Christianity. The Russian Slavic texts are scarce and I could not getthe creation of humans only the creation of the world.
The Chinese mythology is based on unity and the emperor’s descendant from them called the heavenly kings. The “King of the Heavens” would betheir version of the God in Christianity but this god only created the world and other gods not humans. Their creation myth is very interesting because it is not a man who creates humans it is a halfwoman half serpent that does so out of loneliness and boredom. After a great flood that erases all life on the world except the immortals in heaven and a pair of half serpent half human like beings...
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