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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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Born and raised in a rural community near his current home of Kyoto, Japan, Shigeru Miyamoto was humbled by the natural world surrounding him. Add to that the lack of a television set growing up, andyou have a boy whose sense of adventure and imagination was limited only to what his own mind could produce. Lucky for us that young man grew up to use said imagination in the world of electronicgames, where he would eventually create some of the most recognizable characters the world would ever know, and in doing so create some of the most revolutionary, meaningful, and profitable interactiveexperiences ever conceived.

Miyamoto would often explore his natural surroundings in Sonebe to bide the time. Rice fields, canyons, grassy hills, waterways. the ideal setting for such an adventurousyoung man. Then one fateful day, Miyamoto made a discovery that would later resonate in his future endeavors, as would many things from his childhood. Shigeru had discovered a hole in the ground. Notjust any hole, but a large hole. Upon closer inspection it was obvious that this hole was actually something more. It was in fact, the opening to a cave.

Young Miyamoto returned several timesbefore building up enough courage to enter. Armed with only a lantern, he ventured deep inside until he came to another hole that led to another section of the cave. This was breathtaking for such a youngman. Unforgettable even. And Miyamoto certainly never forgot.

The list of games that Miyamoto has been involved with reads like a guide to videogame classics. From the original Super Mario Bros.to Ocarina of Time and beyond, Shigeru Miyamoto has never ceased to satisfy or exceed the ever-growing demands of gamers, nor has Miyamoto ever failed to produce blockbuster system-sellers for hisemployer.

Growing up, Miyamoto wanted to make something that would astonish the world. Anything really, just as long as he could share it with others. He considered being a puppeteer or painter, and...
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