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Theseus (Duke of Athens) and Hippolyta (his fiance), planing the celebrations for her wedding to Philostratus (the director of parties) when Aegean appears with his daughterHermia, Lysander and Demetrius with, to ask the Duke to apply justice to its decision as a parent, it was decided that Hermia marry Demetrius and not to Lisandro, who also loves Hermia and isreciprocated by she. Teseo warns Hermia must comply with the wishes of his father to die or be confined by law or a solitary and austere life. Asks him to think through the new moon day he married Hipólita.Encontract defense, accusing Lisandro Demetrio have courted Elena, the daughter of Nedar, and now the poor lady, love this man dearly inconsistent and unfair. Theseus confesses refer heard of that, butfor now asks Hippolyta, Demetrius Aegean and accompany him to meet other issues. Lisandro plans with Hermia flee away from Athens, home of a very wealthy old aunt without children would be willing tohelp and lives seven miles from Athens, where Theseus law can’t pursue them. Hermia promises to elope with Lysander and agree that you will find the following night in the woods, a mile from thecity, at the point where they first met on a May morning. Elena appears lamenting the rejection of Demetrius and Hermia asks what is the secret to his heart. Hermia it clear that although she despises, hecourts her again, but he is not reciprocated, it has planned to elope with Lysander to marry him. At this news, Elena plans to tell Demetrius of the escape and take the place of encounter with theobject of comfort and receiving in return his love.
Quintius, Bottom, Flute, and Straveling Snowt meet in the forest to rehearse the play. Puck discovers and decides to play them artisans jokes. WhenBottom is separated from the group, Puck puts an ass's head on his shoulders without realizing it. Quintius Snowt and were barely changed his appearance and fled the woods. Bottom does not understand...
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