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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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Welcome to Steinberg Cubase AI4
Congratulations and thank you for choosing Cubase AI4. This document includes important information about installing and using Cubase AI4 on your PC or Mac. Pleaseread the following information carefully. IMPORTANT: Read the Software Licensing Contract displayed on your screen when installing Cubase. By installing the software or registering your product online,you are declaring yourself to be in agreement with the conditions in the contract. If you want to read the Software Licensing Contract independently from the installation process, or if you want toprint the contract, you'll find the text file on the installation DVD in the 'Additional Content/License' directory. This directory contains several text files, but you just need to open the file, whichcontains your preferred language.

INSTALLATION: Please read the installation instructions, which are part of the “Getting Started” PDF manual. This manual contains all the information you need forgetting Cubase AI4 installed and running.

Installation process: Depending on your Windows/Mac settings, the setup program on the DVD may start automatically. If no start-up screen appears,double-click on the DVD icon in the "My Computer" window. In the start- up screen click "Install" in the Start-up window and follow the onscreen instructions.

REGISTRATION: Cubase AI4 requires onlineregistration. After finishing installation, you have 30 days or 300 starts left before you have to register your product. Follow the registration link displayed at start-up. The registration page on theSteinberg website has all the information needed to register and unlock your product. More information can be found in the “Getting Started” PDF.

PROBLEMS WITH COPY PROTECTION of Cubase AI4: On the DVDgo to the directory “Additional Content/Copy Protection Driver” and execute the file SyncrosoftLicenseControlSetup in case you are experiencing any problems with the Cubase AI4 copy protection driver....
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