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Explore the different links and tools that this course offers you and answer the following questions
2.1 In the Virtual Campus you can find some private information that your English. Tutorsends you, what is the link you can see that information?
R/ the link is the inbox where messages are sent.
2.2 If you want to record your voice and send an audio, you should download atool, what is. It?
R/ Tool to download is SV RECORDER
2.3. What is the link to know the grades in your academic process?
R/ link grades, which is on the left side of the platform.
2.4.There is a link that gives information about dates and score of activities, what is it?
R/ This link is the course agenda
2.5. Which is the process to update your profile in the virtual course?R/ Log onto the platform, for this you enter the link Pariticipantes right click on your name, edit profile and then click on update personal information.
2.6. Where can you read importantinformation about the course?
R/ Online content
2.7. Where can you see your collaborative group?
R/ participants in the link
3. Review the online content and answer the followingquestions:
3.1. In the Online Contents you can find all the units, if you look at them, how many units are there?
R/ There are 15 units
3.2. Make a concept map about the different themes thatare developed in each of the units of the online content.
3.3. Describe the proposed training intentions in the academic protocol. (Intencionalidades Formativas del Protocolo Académico)
R/Educational intentions, purpose (to facilitate the development of student self-learning process of English as a Foreign Language), goals (which the student identify, develop, use, learn andcommunicate the English language). Skills (compression-oral and written expression). goal learning (knowledge and identify key issues, recognize simple texts, ability to interact and build).
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