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They are mainly gangs of youths gather around fashion, interests, philosophies and clichés.

Usually, each of these so-called "tribes" have their music and dress that characterizes them.the most common are

Goths trying to express themselves through the black of mourning and death, and has a beautiful hand.


Most of these Gothic had a lonely childhood or rejection.Knowing your history can help understand and know that behind these masks pale.

Boys tend to wear trousers tweezers, perfectly pressed shirt and striped
Girls usually wear dresses

WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE Getting to have a yacht like dad
Music: Anything that sounds this Fashion.
Violent tendencies: Only when they removed Papi Visa Gold
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1. nombre
1. la
2. A
2. pronombre
3. her
4. it
5. you
3. artículo
6. the

His way oflooking at life is through the emotions and feelings

His philosophy of life can be defined in such phrases as "Nobody understands me. "
mourn are characterized by
every 5 minutes

Bangscovering one eye or part of the face
black clothing

Are abused by other subcultures
Converse used usually black.
Morphology: Flowers Clothing, Shirts Thai Dai Eleven style sunglasses,ponchos, colorful ribbons and joint in hand
Groups: Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane
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His maininterest is experimenting with drugs and love

It is known as skate punk or skatecore a number of groups and sub-styles of music.

Are declared anarchists and anti-military.


They headshaved at the sides and with a band of colors on the top and use Strings

They take LSD and pills, mixing with alcohol.

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