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In this project we are going to learn how to make slime with materials easily found. This is a chemical reaction. Thereare lots of recipes for slime.

We want you to know how to do it, what is the chemical reaction and how does it functions.

This experiment consists on making slime, a kind of toy with adisgusting texture.

• Make people know how to make slime.
• Show that there are chemical reactions all around us
• We wouldlike to show that everyone can make a very difficult experiment with the simplest of things…
• Make people entertained with our work.SLIME
Slime is a polymer. This polymer slime is a fluid but it doesn’t flow normally, so it is a special type of fluid. Other examples of special type of fluids are shampoo orpaint.

When this polymer slime is pulled slowly, it becomes thin and flows easily. Pulling the slime quickly makes it thicker and it can break.

The chemical bonds in this polymer slime stretchbefore they break. This makes the slime elastic which allows it to bounce.

When borax and glue are combined they undergo a chemical reaction. We can observe the chemical reaction by feeling themixture becoming cold.

Therefore the chemical reaction is an endothermic reaction, meaning it absorbs heat energy.

AIM: How to make slime?

HYPOTHESIS:Mixing all the substances would make a chemical reaction which its result will be the slime


• Borax
• Water
• 4 ounce (120 ml) glue
• Little spoon
• Container (2)
•Food coloring (optional)
• Measuring cup


1. Pour 4 oz or 120 ml. of glue into a container.
2. Pour 120 ml. of water into the container with glue.
3. If you...
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