Modal verbs

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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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Bogota, July 26th
Dear Tequendama’s Hotel Directors:
Good Morning, I Hope you are Fine.
In this letter I go to tell you about your “little” mistakeabout my reservation in the events hall of your hotel.
Days Ago to your Hotel with faith of can reservate a hall to do my birthday party, then I go toadministrator’s office, then I talk with she and then she ask me when is the date, I tell she that it goes to been the 17th of May, she tell me thatthis date, is alright, that is not problem, but I should be getting everything that has to do with preparations for the party at least 3 hours before, ISaid okay, I will Be There At This Hour, Ready, The days go by, I already had everything ready, I think Wow! This going to be the best party ever, I wasvery happy, but here I get the problem, when I arrive to the hall, I look another person organizing another event, then I thought: what has happenedhere?, Then I Go To Administrator´s Office, i ask, because there are people in the place I book?, and says, you'll save?, and I say: Sure! Long ago, Isaid: Your reservation is not scheduled, I said I wrote Yourself, After that she did not say anything, I just want to tell you were to check that the day ofmy party had no more reservations I think it's terrible, and more knowing that you could tell the other person that the room was already booked, Isimply wanted to discuss this and see if they could teach their employees to make work more efficient to have no future mistakes.
Thank you very much
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